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Re: Animated GIFs in GM

Originally Posted by Deathless Mortal View Post
Yeah, cool story, but I was only kidding.

I'm not.

Every joke has some element of seriousness in it.

Originally Posted by Snowwy View Post
So until we feed the people in Africa, the rest of the world cannot advance? You should tell all the scientists in the world they can't try to change anything until they feed people in Africa.

PS. That is how ridiculous your argument is.
I believe that we can advance, sure, but only to a point. And at what cost? We as humans cannot advance to our highest potential until everyone on the planet has adequate food, water, shelter, education, and a means to advance their lives at the bare minimum. We as humans cannot advance to our highest potential when so few own so much and so many have nothing. What kind of advancement is that? What good is a new cure for a disease when those that need it the most cannot come close to affording it?

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Originally Posted by Rod Laver
We all choke. That’s all right. We’re not machines. What you have to learn is to accept that fact and not panic. It’s the panic that loses the matches, not the nerves.
Originally Posted by Gary Player
The harder you try, the luckier you get.

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