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Re: Animated GIFs in GM

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
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And I paid for Premium with my own hard earned money to support this site, which I enjoy.

Talk about the Bourgeoisie, go talk to the mods or the forum administrator, or the VerticalScope people who really run this site and other sports forums. They are the true Bourgeoisie. One day I will get to be one of the 1% of the world, one day I will indeed be the Bourgeoisie, but instead of using it to propogate debt and poverty and the oppression of the working class, I will use that status to enhance the rights and living conditions of the 99%. But I'm not running for President of USA for another 30 years or so
Yeah, cool story, but I was only kidding.

"a kad me opet gore vrati zahvalit' ću Mu prvo
što nam je dao komad zemlje što je za sebe sačuv'o"
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