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Re: Too many gifs?

I believe we could do without them. There is a thread for them, I believe they could be allowed in that thread but nowhere else.

MTF looks bad enough with the regular posts from Nadaltards and Noletards, these gifs make the whole forum look stupider than it is. So I say at least no gifs allowed in GM. Most potential new user would be looking at those pages to start with, so I guess they would expect tennis discussions and some level of trolling (these are internet forums after all). But Disney gifs, bitch please gifs used ad nauseam would probably turn off them.

So I was asked by a mod what I would do about it. I propose 2 options:

A- No gifs but in the .gif thread.

B- No gifs in GM.

Of course, I support option A. It is the senseful decision. This will no doubt boost my yet to be successful future mod ambitions.
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