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Re: The best looking current player?

Verdasco is overrated looking. He used to be hotter. He looks goofy now.

Andujar, I wish I could see him in person. He looks good in some pics, and bad in others. But the pics he looks good in, he looks damn good.

Paire has very good features and a classic model body. He's cute. He and Simon. Bachinger, as much as I dislike him, is pretty cute. Brands is attractive. I'm not into Ferrer, but he has a good looking face. I agree about Melzer, too, he has a decent looking face, but he also has wrinkle problems/skin damage. He's got the devilish yet innocent look about him, his facial profile. He's not too bad looking overall, but not among the best.

Lopez, though, is still the #1 in terms of sexiness. He exudes sex, even if one doesn't consider him the most attractive naturally. Fognini has the best features and is the cutest player. You want to hug him, his personality is so charming, his smile draws you to him, he has great teeth.
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