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Re: Captain Clément in Charge - Davis Cup 2013

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well capitaine, you have a few months to come up with a plan now!

So Arno was again the phone guest in Radio Tennis Play . Too long to sum up all they said but and in a way most interesting was the continue to talk after he quit . Arno is very politically correct but I feel it's because he's sure about anything about the future of the team

Arno wants to be a natural captain. Same as a captain that he's in life. The journalist are asking about his proximity with the players and he anwsered it's not a problem for him.
About the non gap between his career and the captaincy he says he will have holidays during summer and for him it's a good timing to be captain now because he's still close from the tour and the players.
About his attitude towards players on the chair or inside the team he says he will have to think about it cos it will be different for each players. He wants to discuss with players before, on what they want excatly.
About the staff, on the phone he says he's thinking about each spot so he doesn't answered about Roux.
About discipline he answered it's important for him but as you know he needs to discuss with players before
About his english he says that if it's his biggest weakness he will be happy. Then he quits the discussion and the journalists continue without him.

Lefevre from l'equipe thinks it will be different that it was with Noah and Forget that Arno will add his energy and his meticulousness to the team. Maylin (who was for a combo Pioline captain-Clement coach) is wondering about the sense of psychology of Arno.
For Maylin Noah and Forget had to work on their psychology during their career to have better results and not Arno that would have been only on the fighting spirit. Maylin thinks Arno has not these psychology weapons and it could be the problem.
The guy from RFI is wondering about his proximity with players as he was on tour with them and for the guys around the table he has not the same prize list that Noah and Forget so less legitimity and charisma (that's the idea not the words they uses). They are wondering if it' s not too early for him. Lefevre have also some questions about management of a team by Arno and that his rigour and for him he will have to be more soft.

About Roux the guy from l'equipe says Arno will surely keep him as he's loved by the players who didn't want him as a captain cos he was great a a coach great as a link between captain and players. Thoreau thinks they can be a good combo. Lefevre regrets like me that the choice has been made only by 6 players and not by the youngest.

So the questions are about his management capacity, his lack of stand back. End of the part on Arno

I always found Roux as a bad coach yes he is loved by players but he's not a great tennis analyst of the game, we lost in Belgrade also because of his bad management and for me Arno should take someone elso but I don't who I think he will keep Roux and that will be his first bad decision
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