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Re: Andyland Chat Thread Part 2 (they made me.)

at the typo OMGawd.............

Still in Maine; Sam has 3 years left of HS so will not contemplate moving for the moment. Although I have been looking it is hard to start all over again at this time of my life and career. I even talked to Steve about my staying and he can go live in the other house. He is there for the summer again just like last summer. Sam heads out there for about 2.5 weeks in August and they are driving down the west coast to Carlsbad for a Bat Mitzvah of Steve's cousin's daughter. Good bonding I say I am staying here for my vacation for too many reasons to list although one was to hang with Nate but that idea is fading fast He is a pain at the moment.

Good for you about taking time for yourself. I am a work- a- holic but part of that is I am just so damn conscientious and obsessive. And of course I am obligated and responsible. Any adjectives I forgot?

Do you keep in touch with any one else from the earlier days of this board? I have Fee and Jiat on FB but that's it for those who rarely or never post these days. And esther but I don't think she ever posted on Andy's forum.

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