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Re: Andyland Chat Thread Part 2 (they made me.)

Well I hope it is the best time of my life we'll see

you're funny wish i could help but i sure as hell wouldn't have any idea what to do boys will be boys, i guess? (almost accidentally typed GOYS there HAHAHAHA).. Anyway, good luck!

Thanks! It was from a wedding photo booth Yeah, work's the same, been at this firm well, almost a year I guess time flies when you are miserable as a lawyer I guess I've adopted a new mentality of work is just work, and frankly I really don't care about it and I can't let it stress me out because I can't be defined by my job and I need to enjoy life and do the things that make me happy. Too much time in Italy has affected me I guess so work is work, whatever

I am still enjoying California, really adopted the lifestyle by this point, I'm heading back east in a couple weeks for a rest and another wedding and I'm not sure what I'll do for 10 days without all my fruits and veggies and organic goodies

Are you still in Maine or have you relocated now?

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