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Re: Andyland Chat Thread Part 2 (they made me.)

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
Oh you know, same old same old. About to turn 30

How are you? and the family?
30??? OMG Horrors! Man I would love to be 30 again; best time of my life

All are well thanks. The boys look and act like adults now much to my dismay because they wrongly think they can do and make decisions without asking Drives me crazy-especially the older one. Hubs seems to think that since he is 19 we can not make him see the errors of his ways although I feel otherwise. That puts a chink in our relationship as well. Funny but my mom telling me that she and my dad only argued when it had to do with their kids is coming home to rest. The good news is that even when the kids make decisions I don't agree with, at least they are not rash. Nate has the ability to plan and think things out but still goes ahead and does it.

Case in point- he bought an old motorcycle even though Steve and I said no no no until he was out of school and working. He took his own money (yes it was cheap) but this was after he took a motorcycle safety course, got a license and after bought all the right safety equipment. I am still mad

What's up with you? Nice pic on FB btw Still enjoying california? Work is still the same old huh? Just wait

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