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Re: Captain Clément in Charge - Davis Cup 2013

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i still think that escude was the one whom they had been trying to groom for the job. pioline's hopes were high for only a little while.
Yes and we don't why Excude has been exluded by players while last october in first media polls in was the leader with Seb. Pioline that was the opposite of Arno indeed. Someone with not affect with the players to take decisions but players have choosen Arno at the end. We have the reactions of all the 6 players except Monfils who refused to answer to journalists about his withdrawals in Wimbledon so the DC Captain was not his interest this year. Arno has a contract of 2 years.

I tried to improve a little bit the google translation of the main article :
Monday, Arnaud Clement lost his last matc as pro singles in qualifying at Wimbledon. Yesterday, he was inducted into the Davis Cup captain. Holy week!

SINCE THAT GUY FORGET had discussed the idea of ​​his departure last November, many candidates had expressed interest like Henri Leconte to Amelie Mauresmo through Nicolas Escude, Cedric Pioline and Sebastien Grosjean. And that's Arnaud Clement, but without bandana wearing T-shirt and black jeans , with ease, which was installed yesterday in the large conference room at Roland Garros as a new Davis Cup captain.

Smiling, but sweating. Natural, but not quite casual. "What I was tense! "Admit it after the press conference, the first act of his new life. Not easy to be captain, even when one has been chosen unanimously. But so gratifying, though: "For me, it's fantastic, and at the same time a great responsibility. The big difference is that before when I was failing, I was failing for myself. There, I became team leader of France's second national sport. "It could have been a young retiree. The idea he "liked it a lot." But he can no longer hide. "Now the goal is to win the Davis Cup ... "


These are the players of the hard core of the Davis Cup in recent years (Tsonga, Simon, Monfils, Gasquet, Llodra and Benneteau), which have decided. But certainly easily. Rather, after many discussions in recent months. "They saw themself hours and hours. There were a lot of thoughts, some have even written things, says Arnaud Di Pasquale, head of male high-level . This is at the third joint meeting it was determined. "" It was a conscious choice, confirms Gilles Simon (7 selections). Upon discussion, Arnaud appeared to us as the captain thought to be best able to lead us to victory. "" It's Cedric Pioline who has the more challenged Arnaud Clement in the end, "says Gilbert Ysern, heads of FFT. "It has not been played by much, but in the end, it was unanimous, says Michael Llodra, double pillar of French for nearly ten years with 25 selections! The players liked that Arnaud's perhaps that it does not position himself too early, because he was still active and whether more of us who went to him ... Talk together between players was super rewarding, we have really delivered. These are the values ​​of Arnaud man who made the difference more than his qualities as a tennis player. "


He says he will do neither of Noah neither of Forget, but it will be what, do Clement? Yesterday, even himself did not know exactly. The new captain just acknowledges having "many thoughts", without saying more about the details. "There will not break, anyway. Guy (Forget) has much in common, but characters that are not identical. Then it will necessarily be different. "

After the elimination of France in the quarter-final against the United States, President Gachassin had suggested the idea of ​​a new era, appeared to want to end the "republic of players," choosing their own captain. "All this will change, he said. Players will not decide alone. We know that there are friendly relations which can distort the game "

Can we say that the system has really changed? No. It keeps its advantages - players can challenge the capacity of coach unless they deny themselves - and shortcomings - liable, the captain of the players is dependent for its renewal, in this case the contract short Clement about two seasons - but it remains in the state.

Ultimately, the federal office on behalf of a clear continuity, has just confirmed the decision. "The players have expressed a desire, the word is important, said Gilbert Ysern. Arnaud Clement well suited to the federation. "So, so good.

Arnaud Clement, the former friend became leader, did not seem to fear in any case the difference between authority and tenuous complicity born of a particular mode of appointment. "The players are smart, he said. If they thought about me is that they think I can be good. And authority is not something that scares me. If there is a decision to be taken against a player, and for the interest of the team, I'll take it, even if it is no fun. "From this, Michael Llodra was the guarantor yesterday:" Arnaud is right, honest, and when he has something to say, he tells you in the face, even if it generates tensions. I had problems with him one time for bullshit. We do not agree. For six months, it's been hard, but after we got back on the bottom line, and voila. He will make decisionsor say stop! "


It was very rare on the circuit to hear words of bittersweet on Arnaud Clement, rather praised for its exemplary values ​​and self-sacrifice. Not surprising, therefore, that the captain collects the honors for the beginning of his adventure. "Arnaud has always been exemplary, both in his playing or outside, thought Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (8 selections), the team leader. It goes very well represent the colors of the France team, for sure. I think it's his commitment to Davis Cup that weighed in the balance. He was always into it. This is a very integrated. "" Given his profile and his contribution as a player, added Julien Benneteau (5 selections), it is deserved and exciting. It will be a model and an engine. Some may think it's a little early because it is almost player yet, but I think instead that it will link more quickly. "Sought after by everybody, he left it up everyone. "This is precisely the fact that he was chosen after reflection that reinforces its position, noted Gilles Simon, in the sense that other players we know exactly why we took him and not another. "He, the great guy. "For it is really a good guy, concluded Richard Gasquet (10 selections). With a big personality. Nobody has anything to complain about. "


First, Arnaud Clement must end for good with his playing, and it will go through the doubles tournament at Wimbledon next week, with Michael Llodra, against Ramirez Hidalgo and Ramos. But then? Wimbledon will certainly be the place of the first discussions between Arnaud Clement and "his" players "were a lot of time before the next meeting, but this time, I want to use it to discuss fully with all world, he said. First step: talk to the players, including training of staff as a subject, but not that one. I need a different kind of exchange than before. "Lionel Roux, coach of France's Davis Cup in recent years Forget, will be at Wimbledon with the dual role of consultant for Canal + and coach of the France Olympic team. Will it also in contact with Clement? "I have no info, but it sure Arnaud wonder if I continue, I'll go with your eyes closed! "

Other steps of early cap'tain Arnaud are simple: draw of the Davis Cup in 2013 on September 19. First round of 1 to 3 February 2013. Clement has seven months to put everything in place.
The bonus in l'equipe today was about Arno and it's the article made ater his win vs Roddick in 2003.
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