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Re: In the striplight - tripwires (4000 ajde posts as well)

Haven't asked spotlight questions for ages

1) If you could go on a one week vacation with Leng Jai or Roger - who would you go with?

2) If you had lots of money to spend, which charity would you donate this money too and why?

3) Imagine you wouldn't have been a tennis fan already. Do you think you would get interested in tennis these days?

4) How similar is your online personality to your in-person persona? For instance, on the boards, are you more shy/reserved, or more open/expressive, or maybe even meaner/more abrupt?

5) When did you start watching tennis?

6) What’s your favourite match of your favourite player and who is the opponent you enjoy to see him play against the most?

7) Best childhood memory?

8) Best and worst characteristic trait?

9) What’s your philosophy of life?

10) Which vices do you have?

11) Who would be your favourite coach for your favourite player?

12) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

13) Do you have any quirks (for example having to check 10 times whether you have really closed the door)?

14) What is one thing you want to do in your lifetime?

15) What was a strange idea you had as a kid of the idea of growing up?

16) How would your friends describe you?

17) What do you value most in a person?

18) What is your favorite quote?

19) What was your favourite subject in school?

20) If you could spend one day with a celebrity who would it be and what would you be doing?

21) Which movie have you seen most often?

22) Who was your most embarassing celebrity crush?

23) Have you ever had surgery?

24) What's your biggest regret?

25) Which 10 places of your country are a must-see when someone is visiting ...

26) What's your favorite smell?

27) What's a word that you say a lot?

28) Which 5 internet sites do you visit regurlary?

29) When did you got your first PC? When have you been using the internet for the first time and do you remember which information you searched there first?

30) What is your current desktop picture?

31) If you could have dinner with 3 people from any time in history, whom would you invite? Why?

32) Out of your five senses, which one would you say is your best?

33) What's the smartest advise that anyone has ever given you?

34) You can ask 5 different members of MTF 2 questions. Who would you ask and what would you like to get to know?

35) What's the one thing that goes everywhere with you when you travel? (Apart from ... )

36) How long can you go without being on the internet?

37) If you had the opportunity to travel the world to watch tennis with 10 MTFers, who would you pick?

38) Have you ever changed your opinion about a tennisplayer (either positive or negative)? If yes, what was the reason for it?

39) If you had to cut expenses, what's the first thing you'd give up?

40) What is your favourite sound?

Sorry, I didn't made it to 148

Thanks in advance for answering
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