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Originally Posted by soulage View Post
I don't see him as a coach travelling around the world and working for the medias I don't know because he's quite shy. But hopefully he will find find a job related to his great passion

I post a bit in the Seb thread and there is nobody I hope we will be able to keep up alive that one with some news.

Kezzi I'm a huge fan of your new sign
He was good at hiding that shyness from us. I never noticed he's shy, crazy yes, but shy no.
But something related to tennis doesn't mean he has to become a coach or work for the media. Though I can imagine him doing that, the medias always seemed to like him.
And I still believe he will be captain.

Thanks, these are all photos I made at tournaments where I have really good memories of Arnaud.
Like the portrait photo with the red shirt. It was after a training in Rosmalen a few years ago (2008 if I remember correctly ) and I asked him for a portrait.
At first I thought my camera was broken, cause it zoomed in and I didn't push the putton... Then I realized it wasn't the camera, but Arnaud who was bending towards the lens.
Others: the big photo is from the German bundesliga 2010, then Rosmalen 2008, interview Rosmalen 2010 & training Rosmalen 2010. Below: training Rosmalen 2008, Davis Cup final and Mons 2009.

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