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Re: The "Wishing Death" rule

Originally Posted by Mae View Post
I don't see how "wishing death" or "wishing injury" can be a joke! Naturally the person is going to say it was a joke when they are caught because they know they are going to get banned. I say leave the rule exactly as it is since you are not wisely going to get rid of it altogether. Because in making any changes what you are actually going to be doing is making it harder to know if the rule should be applied or not. It is very simple not to get banned for this reason just don't post about that subject at all!
I sort of agree with Mae. It is very easy for everyone who gets banned because of this rule to say: but it was a joke!!!

I said it before, if people are chatting and put : Im kidding of course or Im not being serious here. That would make it a bit easier to determine what to do. It might still get reported....but we could only delete or, in some cases, completely leave it there.

The issue raised that it was said in a chat thread amongst friends, doesnt work, at least for me. There is no private section on this forum (apart from the premium members forum) and everyone can read what they want, where they want at any given time. So if they read something offensive or against any of the rules, they are free to report it and the mods will have to respond accordingly.

It's a tough one this.....unless the exceptions to this rule are made very clear, maybe it is best to let it stay the way it is.

But yeah, please give your (serious) feedback on this.

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