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Re: Halle F: Haas def. Federer 7-6(5) 6-4

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
federer is washed up, kapputt, finished, done. the fact that he lost in straights to the tournament Wild Card who happens to be a 34 year old german veteran recovering from his 2353th serious career threatening injury already tells you that he's a shadow of his former self, a "self" who was one praised with glory and admired by a shitload of tards. it is to this memory that fedtards like to grip onto. nevertheless that memory is long gone, same as the one of being "great" in grass. it is for this reason that i encourage every fed fan to go to his website or to his facebook and ask him to call it a day now. it's every fan's right to ask for their favourite player to quit once they know it's time to let it go. the ideal thing would be that federer himself would take that decision like sampras righfuly did 10 years ago but it seems that federer is in denial so he needs the push and, furthermore, with time he'll apprecciate it.


Muger, your Fans are now literally BEGGING you to Retire NOW!!! They are on their hands and knees PLEADING for some mercy, begging for the END of Futility and the endless Sadistic Pain of Disappointment, some surely sinking into deep holes of depression because ONLY NOW can they SEE that you ARE a Fraud, always HAVE BEEN a Fraud, and always WILL BE a Fraud. Muger, these sweet sheeple need to have their fantasies in life to SURVIVE! They cannot HANDLE the Truth that Muger Frauderer is FINISHED! You need you to Retire so that their Innocent Delusions of Grandeur are maintained as Fortress Walls around their crumbling Psyches. These Boundaries they are keeping up with tape and glue cannot withstand the onslaught of your HUMILIATING Failures much longer...

And why would any sane Tennis Fan ever want the Eternal Presence of this sickening Phony that plays weak sauce Tennis and is nauseating to even look at, yet alone hear his politically correct, manipulative interviews? The man personifies everything wrong with the world today. Fedtards are fast becoming Nostalgiatards as their VAIN-GLORIOUS LOSER mug player continues to sink into a hole of infinite oblivion. This is why Muger needs to retire for his fans. They cannot handle much more of this as feeding and living off hate and jealousy can only lead to a parasitic demise once the Host has nothing left to offer. Frauderer MUST RETIRE for the sake of his fans! Muger, You KNOW What you NOW MUST do...but do you have the guts to do it?
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