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The "Wishing Death" rule

I've discussed it with the other mods and I wanted to get some sensible opinions on this rule and how it should work.

At the moment there is no wiggle room in it - you make a post that can be read as wishing death on someone (also the wishing injury rule similarly) and it's an automatic ban if the mods become aware of it.

This leads to a lot of complaints on the basis that "it was a joke, I didn't mean it seriously" etc.

We're not getting rid of the rule totally - we don't want this to be a forum where venomous posts telling people to die or get injured are acceptable.

But we do maybe want to consider adding a legitimate "it was an expression" / "it was a joke" defence which might be left alone or might just be deleted/edited depending on circumstances.

The post would have to make it explicit that it was not meant seriously, though.

I was looking for some opinions about all this.

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