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Re: 4 One-Handed backhand players in Halle semis.

Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
All true, it´s very rare to see a junior player with a single handed backhand these days. I switched from a two-handed shot to a single handed backhand when I was 14 years old, my coach encouraged me to switch, since I had terrible trouble with weight transfer and rhythm when hitting with two hands. My coach said he´d seen similar issues with a lot of players, and thought it would be better to switch while you still can, rather than keep struggling. Anyway, the switch worked for me, I´ve been hitting a single handed shot ever since, and I love it. Obviously, when you´re 14, you already have some required strengh so you´re able to hit with one hand, but it´s really difficult when you´re starting out. It´s still a shame to see so few of them nowadays.
I didn't even have a coach so it was even harder for me when I started when I was 12. Pretty much taught myself watching tapes of Kuerten/Corretja/Haas and even then I pretty much only had a slice backhand. I'm 24 now and play regularly but everytime I have an extended break from the sport it takes me a few weeks to get my backhand to a consistent level. High balls are still a nightmare and that will never be fixed unless I grow 8 inches.

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