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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Y. Of course not. But when you fall in love, you're my heart you give.

MS No. Nobody gives nothing to anyone, no one belongs to anybody. We reserve the right to communicate with those with whom we want, and we have no responsibilities.(Alternative translation:"I do what I want and you do it my way or it's the high-way") And if I decide at some point in their lives relate to the person, before defining the format of relations and negotiate on the degree of freedom.(alternative translation "if you get preganant you'll be a single mother") But it should be done, not when "butterflies in my stomach," and when was honey-moon period and would have shown themselves as they are. At first we all beautiful, but men do not forget to lower the toilet seat and throw dirty laundry in the basket.(alternative translation: "Some things never change - and I am one of don't expect anything from me and you won't be disappointed")

Jeeze, Marat...with attitudes to "relationships' like that, not sure how becoming a Father would fit into the picture....."part-time" partner in a relationship doesn't really translate as "part-time parent"... nothing he says here is any different to what he has said so many times before...for some reason, though, this interview I found rather depressing .....

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