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Re: Dust your shoulders off! Grass season 2012 Thread

I was at queen's club today and yesterday!!! My first time I've met Ernests!!!
His first match was supposed to be yesterday but all day schedule was cancelled as was raining all day!!! I was waiting all day for a start like all the players and when the day was cancelled they started to leave the venue. I've met Michal first, he was soooo kind and very friendly to have a conversation. I even told him to keep going with the updates via he did today ahahha. Ernests came later with his friend Nikita? (i'm not so sure about the name!!) He was really nice, I told him I was there for his match and he said he was sorry and I should have wait until the day after. He was leaving and I wanted to bother him to much...he signed my agenda and went away!
Today was a total Ernests day!!!!! I went to his practice before the match.....just half an hour with Budka. It was so cool seeing him so close...he hit the ball so clearly!!!! He recognized me going back to the player lounge, said hi each other and see you later at the match! Some kids asked him to sign their balls so I took very close up pics!!!

I don't think he played bad, but maybe I was no so focus on the game ihihihih.....his forehead was often too long but he was focus and fighting until the end..... he was very upset imo....he was looking at michal asking what can i do, why always like this, i don't wanna lose....
I think he is in shape, he just need some wins and confidence!!

I met them again at the car park and he was on the phone all the time and very upset, even a little bit angry. I didn't want to bother him anymore and he went away!!!

Well, I was very very happy to see him LIVE for the first time, to attend at one of his practice and heard his voice during a match and everything!!!
I appreciate him even more if possible!!!! Of course i'm sad for his lost, sad because he is not happy!!!! But i'm sure this bad moment will finish soon!!

I will upload my pics on my facebook tomorrow and some of them here as well...they are too many!!!

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