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Re: The Official PAW Rules + Supplement

Originally Posted by purtov45 View Post
I not only the manager, but also the player too.
Let's assume, that I became very forgetful.
I have forgotten to commits.
I have forgotten to find myself in the list of commitments.
And certainly I do not remember, how many WC I used in it to year.

And nevertheless I do pick PAW01.
Yeah and what is next for the managers - posting picks for those who have forgotten to post picks? Managers' job is to manage the tournament not to look after PAW players' successes. It is players' responsibility to join a tournament if they want to play it. Managers are not school teachers and this is not a kindergarten to hold players' hand through the entire tournament. If they want to play they know what they have to do.
For me this is the end of story. I have stated my opinion and there are no arguments that can change it. I have looked this situation from both managers' and players' POV and my opinion that I have already expressed is final.
If one becomes very forgetful (forgets to commit, forgets to check Commitments list, forgets to ask for WC) s/he just doesn’t play that specific tournament.
And if you don't remember how many WC you have used you can always check the Wildcards thread. It is there for that purpose – managers and players to check on the WC. As you can see Paw Board is keeping track for those who are very forgetful.

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