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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Originally Posted by monkey247 View Post

OK, so this may be a bit shallow, but it made me (look who's first, of course ) ...
Hehehehe......on a more serious note, wonder how Marat voted in the Duma on the bill just passed to fine 'protesters' more than the average annual wage...? and how is 'protest' has to shake one's head.....I'm assuming of course that there was something like a 'vote' in the Duma - but even so....presumably they would expect all the individuals sitting with the ER 'faction' to vote on the party line regardless of whether they are actual party members...which makes me a bit depressed..

I hope Marat sticks to making no-brainer statements on the obvious - like - kids and booze should not mix - but of course, what he is attempting to deal with here is a HUGE, endemic social problem - every country has it's issues with 'legal' drugs - tobacco and alcohol - and how to 'control' them - but the fact is, it seems to me, that while governments of all types refuse to bite the hands that feed them so much tax, ALL you can do is try to create a positive anti-booze/smoking message, delivered to kids by their current role models - the pop stars and popular culture heroes to whom they look up to and are inspired by - and that's usually NOT politicians or anyone else perceived to represent the 'establishment'...and that now includes Marat.....

he is on the right track noting that while you have popular culture presenting smoking/drinking as 'cool' you are dealing with a difficult chain too break - not to mention the deeper, more historical roots of this problem in Russia - but they need to address the sale of alcohol of course, but also create a social welfare structure that has the funding and the trained professionals to find and support the families who are in trouble - and the scale of that, by Marat's own estimation, is 'millions' of families...a daunting task indeed - they need to enlist popular culture, educators, parents and law makers and enforcement to begin to make a change - and given the institutionalized corruption of the power structure's hard to be optimistic...but as Marat said - "if we don't start, who will?" good on him for at least bringing this terrible scourge of Russian society into the public domain...he's going to need all the support he can get to take the next steps!

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