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Re: News & Articles Part 3 - The Return of the Yeti

Article and video on "Voice of Russia" from Thursday's round table discussion on Youth Alcoholism in Russia.

Any Russian speakers want to tidy it up a bit (e.g. тусовочка, веселая, вскроют and стащат), that would be great.


Marat Safin: "We need less democracy in the fight against alcoholism"

"If our children live among alcoholics, alcoholism, then it will completely take over our country", State Duma Deputy (Committee for public associations and religious organizations) and tennis player Marat Safin told the "Voice of Russia". He was confident that require a comprehensive program to combat child alcoholism and limiting availability of alcohol.

"I've travelled around the world, and in theory all looks the same, but in practice is different. We are fighting against child alcoholism, but we especially do not, because so and continue to sell alcohol to minors. Propose to increase excise taxes, fines administered, but all this, I think it does not work. It should be based on the experience of those countries that have successfully fought against alcoholism. I've traveled everywhere, but such a hard attitude to alcohol, as in America, I have not seen anywhere else. There, any person in any stall in any city, even if a person is 50 years old, still require ID. For Russian, of course, amazing, and it is our furious when they come back, but sellers are well aware that if they do not ask license, the license will be taken away from them and they will never get, and the seller sent to prison. This is a very serious violation.

Moreover, I think you need to do tours in drug treatment clinics for children, because they are very valid. Adult children understand the danger of alcoholism, but they contribute to this. There are kids, they see dad drunk, mom drunk, где-то тусовочка, где-то party, папа веселый, мама веселая, and the child thinks it's good. One after another clings so will require a comprehensive program, and on all sides by imposing restrictions. For example, it can be specialty shops, as in Sweden, where in any supermarket or in a stand will not be sold alcohol. And we all can buy anything you want: 20 meters you pass - alcohol, another 20 meters - again. In Sweden, for there is none in the 10 o'clock everything is closed.

We say that the parks are not protected. Well, as you can not protect the parks, if in the city center at Patriarch's Ponds, where I live, it is impossible to walk, the feeling that there is a gathering or a hangout, and it is the center of the city. I disagree with Gennady Onishchenko, who told me that it is impossible to monitor parks. This is a historic city center: a monument to Krylov, "The Master and Margarita," and we are drinking alcohol.

Reduced tobacco advertising, the people of both smoking and smoke. Beer, vodka as a drink, and drink. As for children, offer to raise prices on alcohol. Well, have raised the price of alcohol, but they вскроют shop, and still стащат all this, or bring some things and start to change for a tip. For me it was. We're a little detached from reality, because Moscow - this one, and the country - is another. In my eyes, in Nizhny Novgorod, children have changed a broken sink for a bottle of vodka. That is not the money, this is expressed, it is possible to change, to rob, anything to do here, nothing to do with the money. Comprehensive measures are needed, we have smart people sit, and if you want all of this can be done. Must be less democracy in this case, otherwise we will be degeneration of the nation. Our children will live among alcoholics, healthy children of alcoholics are, and who will win? Alcoholism is then completely take over our country."

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