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Re: Road to Roland-Garros/Clay Season 2012

Arno gives again info on facebook
Here, the last Roland Garros of my career is fast approaching! And contrary to what people might think, I feel serene. I even wait to get on the court to enjoy these last moments as a player on clay in Paris. Roland Garros is a magical tournament for any tennis player, even more when you're French. In approaching the deadline of the "last", it really made aware of the chance that I had to have been involved all these years in a competition of this magnitude where the public is with us on every point where the emotions of victory are so strong.
So today, I refine my preparation to try to live as intensely as possible those moments that remain etched! I hope to go as far as possible, yet I feel good, relaxed. My training this morning with Youzhny and Richard (Gasquet) yesterday were very well ! What can I say except to give you an appointment for my first round match! "
Interview of Arno by JeanPierre and translation by google
Tennis - Roland Garros (H):
Clement meets Jeanpierre
Arnaud Clement will play his 15th and last Roland Garros. Porte d'Auteuil, he has seen all, lived and responded to hundreds of interviews. It is therefore to take (just) off balance with matters shifted from his coach, Julien Jeanpierre.
Arnaud Clement and Julien Jeanpierre his coach in a preparation at Roland Garros this week Porte d'Auteuil.

Julien Jeanpierre, "Arnaud, if you had the time and means that you as cuisinerais perfect menu?
How do you want me to answer it (smiles)? Right now, there are millions of things I could do. It's too hard as a question. I love so much that there could be dozens of dishes. But I would go on a kibbeh is a Lebanese dish that my grandmother is so incredible. I would get a menu with an oriental tabbouleh, but the real good green tabbouleh and kibbeh and one I would not do dessert. I would no longer hungry because I'd eaten too much kibbeh. With this menu, I can not drink wine, I prefer to focus on food. My focus is on wine, either on the food, but I like a little less mix the two.

What is your goal on time clock climb to Alpe d'Huez when you've stopped playing tennis?
It will not be easy to beat my best time (55'46'') because I'm heavier now. Well trained, I would fall below fifty-five minutes.
"I do not know what it is the tourist mode. It will have someone to explain what it is and how it's done (laughs). I would be very difficult, I would need a very good teacher and why tourist months of training. "Would you be able to do a tournament mode tourist?
(Laughs) No it is not possible. I do not know what it is the tourist mode. It will have someone to explain what it is and how it's done (laughs). I would be very difficult, I would need a very good teacher and why tourist months of training. I would have désaprenne lot (laughs). It may be possible in some years, but not immediately.

Even on the tournaments you've played with the left hand, you were to stop?
Yes, I was the cleat (smiles). I would not be ridiculous, so I brought before you go, I made buckets of the left hand service and training hours. I went there a few tourists but relatively seriously. "- Collected by SD at Roland Garros

Wounded in his right calf in Bordeaux, Arnaud Clement feels more pain and saw his last Roland Garros in serenity: "Roland Garros is always special. I am preparing for weeks and weeks for this purpose. I know that there will be more later, but it's okay. I feel serene, I'm just very excited and I want to have fun. Regardless of the opponent, I want to play a good game. "
Almost the same here with a video at the bottom of the page


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