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Re: Need Help With This Girl...

Originally Posted by Certinfy View Post
This got really weird today.

So I was kind of looking for this girl today but couldn't find her so didn't bother. Then went to my other friend to ask her about how she did in her exam and my other friend (don't know her very well though) was there. We just got talking and it led to us talking about education, her past, religion, tennis (hey, she said as a kid she wanted to be a ballgirl at Wimbledon ), work, and whatever else. I was just being myself like everyone here told me to be and I guess by being myself I didn't really think of what I was doing next rather than just asking her questions and being friendly and somewhat confident.

Now the thing here is, I won't see either her or the other girl for about 50 days, but I don't know who I should try to go for. One of them I hardly know while the other I do now but I didn't think it at the time but after our conversation I just feel she's too good for me.

No idea how this even happened, but I guess it might just be better off forgetting about both since I have to concentrate on my exams and won't see either in at least 50 days.
If I am that girl, I will smack you for this (the bold part). She has a brain so let her do the thinking/feeling for herself.
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