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Re: Truth and Fiction.

I love that more straight people are going to gay bars, but don't fucking go just to pick up straight girls, because it's "cool" and "progressive", and don't create problems for the gay patrons. If you go to a gay bar, respect the clientele and respect the atmosphere, or you won't be welcome.

Several gay bars recently have attempted to fix this by either putting signs up saying "we are a gay bar, accept that or don't come" or even banning heterosexuals or asking if people are straight at the door. I think that's extreme, but at the same time, if you're straight, you better be comfortable in your sexuality, be open to getting hit on, and accepting of the surroundings. Or you should be immediately kicked out. The gay-bar signs I agree with, a large sign in the window, declaring what the bar is, and what the rules are. It's sad that it has to come to this but there has been a problem with straights taking over our safe place and that is what the focus has to be. That gay people feel comfortable in gay bars.

I know a lot of straights love gay culture but we're not here for your entertainment. You can be entertained with us, and that's awesome, but don't treat us like freaks at the circus.
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