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Re: Socialism sucks....seriously.

^^ Thanks fast-clay, you seem to have understood my point.

Once again - I'm not claiming that socialism is a 'better' system than capitalism.
My point is just that I feel that the common folks seem to get f*cked in whatever system, and my personal aim is just to battle for the common folks to get their fair share in knowledge, chances for improvement in their personal situations, and hence, cash.

With the current money crisis and rather ugly right-winged popularism in politics in Europe going on at the moment over here (ugh... remember the 1930's? the elders in my family sure do! ), yes, I sympathasize for a more left-winged opposition, be it socialism - I don't care.
I oppose to the current 'richer-get-richer'-politics.
That makes me a 'socialist'? Okay.

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