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Re: Socialism sucks....seriously.

Originally Posted by Sunset of Age View Post
I don't get this thread at all.
The current global money crisis is due to overexerting CAPITALISM more than anything else. Power to the Money Grabbers, oh yeah!

What the hell is wrong with the concept of thought of a just-a-bit fairer distribution of cash and opportunities between all, and a bit more of protection to those who haven't been the luckiest around?
Why is that so frightning to some - read: the Rich & Famous Lucky -, as I see over here in this thread?

A bit more compassion and a bit more equal sharing of chances, why the hell is campainging for a little more socialist distribution of chances and cash so frightning to those who already benefit so much because of their talents?

I don't get it.
If this post designates me as a commie - well so be it.
i don't think there is anything wrong with this thought at all... i used to think this way too... maybe one day still might...

but, looking at the current predicament as objectively as i can i would say that it is not capitalism we live in at the moment... capitalism was never even given a chance the moment you burn regulations by the truckload and allow criminals aka banksters responsible for pushing hundreds of millions into poverty worldwide to walk off scot free - all while some prick slaps you with a €160 for a late parking fine...

the modern western plutocracy is not really capitalism - although capitalism was an important tool in the rise of the creature we know today...

i do sympathise with you post though sunset, because the power structure in today's world scarily resembles the power structures during feudal ages...

Originally Posted by SelvenluvJo View Post
why are you so seriously
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