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Re: Socialism sucks....seriously.

As some posters have already written, essence is not about names and ready-made ideological concepts, it is about actual situation and government policy in particular case (country) in particular time.

The goal should be to find the right balance between freedom and solidarity. Nordic counties are probably the closest to that, which doesn't mean that their model can be applied successfully everywhere because of cultural differences.

Today it is easy to bash socialism and so with good reason. But I don't think it's fair to forget role of socialism in fight against colonialism and fascism/nazism. Also in some counties socialism (or so-called socialism, as I explained in the first paragraph) gave good results - China before socialism was devastated prey of colonial powers (UK, Japan). Now they are becoming the biggest economy in the world and their people have the highest level of human rights than ever in their very long history (things should always be observed in their context, not in some ideologically imposed artificial context of "universal" human rights).

Also, capitalism apologist seed to forget that numerous failed states in Africa, Latin America and Asia are capitalist countries. They always point on one dozen of richest countries where it is hard to say how much of their wealth is due to capitalism and hard work and how much due to colonialism and plunder.

Things seems to be more gray and blear than apologist of any paper concept (capitalism, socialism) would like to admit.

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