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Re: Socialism sucks....seriously.

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
i don't know what's more troubling for me. the fact that you think that protesting is a form of anarchy or that you'd tell the protestors to "fuck off and get back to work".

it seems to me that you not only are disconnected from the economic theory, you are also totally disconnected from reality.
There's more to "reality" than protesting, complaining, bitching, whining. If people worked harder and complained less the world would be a happier place. I've already said everything in my replies to Chris and Martin on the previous page, so you can review those. I'm not going to repeat myself.

Economics, like many facets of life, is very simple when you break it down to its core principles. Socialism is a destructive force in this regard because it complicates things dramatically and creates a whole field of unnecessary study. Same goes for politics but that's just human nature.
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