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Re: Belgrade R2: Nieminen def. [Q] Veic 6-3 4-6 6-3

Originally Posted by Martijn. View Post
But Filo's comment was about the match in general, so perhaps you should have withheld judgment until the match had been completed. In any case, the assessment of whether Nieminen was troubled has to be made, in logical reference to the original statement, on the basis of the match as a whole.

If you had watched the match, you would have seen that fatigue had nothing to do with the first two sets. Jarkko could have been in a wheelchair and the Frenchman would still have UE-ed his way into a bagel. He upped his game in the second set and thereby troubled Nieminen, who wasn't showing any signs of fatigue. I didn't see the final set, so will remain silent on that. But the second set alone disproves your point.
The fact that you are trying to disprove my comment on the first set by saying that we have to consider the whole match in order to assess is completely hypocritical when you didnt even watch the entire match...Your reasoning skills and arguments would be shred into bits in a courtroom...Keep your day job and save your contradictory reasoning and faulty logic for those who are ill equipped to see just how much semse your idiotic arguments dont make
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