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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers 2012 - Manager need for Yexo 21st May

A question here. I have 3 players who are eligible for the SE spots. But Nadie is not in the final yet, because Tunis SF isn't finished yet. Here is the part of the rule my question is about.

Players may receive a Special Exempt into the main draw of the following week's tournament if they meet the criteria and apply for it. If the main draw is to be made before a potential Special Exempt player plays on Friday, then such place(s) shall be drawn in the same manner as qualifier, i.e., four qualifiers ("Q") and one or two "SE" depending on whether there are one or two possibilities. Each of the five or six slots are marked "Q/SE." As soon as the "SE" match results are known, either the "SE" or the next Direct Acceptance (if the SE lost) is randomly drawn and inserted into the draw.

Does Nadie get the SE now? As she is higher ranked than the 3rd SE, she should be the one to take it. But it is not certain that she will meet the criteria.
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