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Re: Socialism sucks....seriously.

Originally Posted by Jimnik View Post
the minimum wage fluctuates depending on strength of the economy would work more efficiently than artificially assigning a single value based on subjective opinion.

you see it's posts like these that say i could probably shout you a beer, have a political discussion with you and not end up punching you in the face like some of clowns in here that simply don't get it...

The new western economies will soon, or should, be rebuilt with models based upon human nature itself - changeable and flexible...models that do not set an unrealistic target doomed to fail from the outset, but models that have innate abilities to reflect and respond to the strengths and weaknesses inside each particular individual economy...

Where once economic models assumed to intimately know the motivations and incentives of a population, newer models will not assume to know what pleases a population... And when you think about it Jim, people being happy in taking out a mortgage are looking like they are soon gonna be in the vast minority, as this debt based monetary model we've been born into has pretty much run it's natural course...

The age of debt saturation...

Originally Posted by SelvenluvJo View Post
why are you so seriously

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