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Re: Socialism sucks....seriously.

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
it depends on what you mean by 'wrong' or 'right...

i know you've described yourself as a libertarian but i've never been sure to what degree... let's start with something basic: do you approve the existence of a minimum wage?
You mean a government imposed minimum wage? I guess I don't but let me explain myself.

The way the job markets should work is much like any other market where there's supply (job providers) and demand (job seekers). Hence "job providers" posting job vacancies. Then "job seekers" bid against eachother to get the vacancy. When the market is booming minimum wage automatically rises, when crashing minimum wage falls.

Hence a solution in which the minimum wage fluctuates depending on strength of the economy would work more efficiently than artificially assigning a single value based on subjective opinion.

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post

which one are you?
My brothers. I think they're being sarcastic.

I actively condemn all public actions of anarchy so rioting/protesting/complaining is a definite no-no. I would tell them to fuck off and get back to work.

Originally Posted by fast_clay View Post
don't worry mate, i believe it is everybody's born right to have an adequate education... for when this is seen to, then there are no excuses... not even healthcare comes close...

the state should concern itself with refereeing the playing field, not fixing the full time score... for when that is taken care of, everyone plays ball...

Ideally every parent should work hard to pay for their children but realistically it doesn't happen. So I condone state subsidized education and child healthcare. But once you turn 21, you're on your own.
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