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Injured racquet :/

I gotta question for you.
Last saturday i played tennis with a friend of mine and in the first set his string said goodbye
so i let him play with my 2nd racquet (both babolat pure drive).

As he was already in a destructive mood^^ after a while he noticed some strange sound with my racquet. At first i thought it was even worse (it really sounded baaad), but then we noticed, that the little black plastic "rings" where every string from the racquet goes into the raquet (which are inside all over the frame, no idea how to call them) was loose and a little broken. I'm able to push it back in, however after a couple of strokes it almost always pops out again.

Anybody of you, had this problem, already? Can this be fixed, or do i have a serious problem? Well i just could destroy the little plastic thing and take it away, however if there's no possible replacement for it, i still would not like it. (the raquets are only a couple of weeks old, dammmn^^)

Hope somebody can help me (:
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