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Re: Tuesday Order of Play & Scores

I watched the match on Tv and i have one thing to say:

OH MY FREAKING GOD LUZZI!!!! I can't believe his first set!! he played 2 between-the-legs shot that gave him the poit, even Gaudio was so surprise that they played/full around at one point , both of them shooting between-the-legs and drops , running and smiling... i got worried that Luzzi planned on playing like that the whole match cuz if that would've happen well... we wouldn't be having Gaudio at the ATP by now... Luzzi really suprised me, acing important points, rolling through the clay . hitting so freaking hard and with the right speed, honestly GAudio was playing really good (not at his best yet) and didn't find a way to pass Luzzi... of course out of such performance he gained the crawd and when he left all gave him such an ovation... he deserved it... by the second set things started to come down to "normal" and Gaudio broke Luzzi's serrvice and yet it was a great, creative, fun (specilly fun) game... Congratulations to Luzzi!! and of course I'm more than happy Gastón is still in !!!!

I saw on TV someone who looked like GAbriela but honestly since BOnadeo didn't say a thing about her, being him so fanatic of Gaby i thought that maybe they showed that girl cuz looked like Gaby and nothing else... i'm feeling bad now that i missed her , i was planning on going yesterday and decided to stay cuz of the rain and the delay of the matches, which wouldn't alowd me to see Gastón if so... well i hope she comes back to watch some other match and hopefully i'll see her!

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