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Well some drugs are actually addictive. I personally would not legalize something like a heroin or cocaine, but my problem is that the "war on drugs" in the US is really a war on weed, something that is more harmless and less addictive than alcohol. So much money is being spent on people who are indeed just addicted to fun and the experience of THC, not the actual chemical.

Drug tests are a perfect example of how the US is targeting marijuana users. A dangerous drug like heroin or cocaine will remain in your system for 1-4 days, but THC is one of the few drugs that is fat soluble and can stay in your system for a long time (the other fat soluble drug I know of is PCP which is very dangerous but use is rare). This policy is not protecting the people from anything. It's good that it is becoming decriminalized which keeps innocent people out of jail, but legalization is the only way the government would finally be able to regulate the drug and keep it out of the hands of children. I heard about of group of students who bought 4 ounces of marijuana today, let me tell you, this would not be possible if the government could regulate sales. It's honestly easier to get marijuana than for an underaged person to get alcohol.

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