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Lies . Don't deny it Doc .

Anyways, people argue that "what makes drugs dangerous is that they're addictive, and that's what makes it lethal". So what? Anything that makes us feel good is addictive. For instance; you wonder why there are fat people (no offence), and there are quite a few bunch of losers who spend their entire lives playing games and getting computer rage every 2 seconds. Addiction is a different ball game altogether. Let me repeat it again, Anything that makes us feel good is addictive. It's too bad that most drugs are lethal when too much of them are taken. Don't blame the drug, blame your addiction for things that "make you feel good".
Agreed. If you have a vice it will be somehow addicting to you. I think I was addicted to marijuana because I used it almost every day, but luckily this was only a mental addiction. Anything can be mentally addicting. I had a job interview last week and was told to expect a job offer soon, which made me both excited and nervous, but it was obvious what I had to do...quit and let time take its toll. I just stopped using it and it was that withdrawal symptoms, nothing. One just need the right mindset to stop something that is mentally addicting.

Three of my friends just smoked in celebration of 420 and I sat with them on the porch while they were passing the bong around. Yes, some drugs can actually be addicting and people should avoid the situation. You won't see recovering heroin addicts sit around with their friends while they shoot-up. In fact my neighbors are recovering alcoholics and I think they feel very uncomfortable in the presence of alcohol. My parents invited them over a few times and they seemed offended when my parents asked them if they wanted to drink. I think this was a strange concept for my Ukrainian parents to understand as alcohol use is so common in our country and alcoholism to them seems like a lack of self-control.

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Just keep [t]rolling Bernard, just keep [t]rolling my man.
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Keep [t]rolling Bernard, keep [t]rolling.
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tomic just keep on [t]rolling
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