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Originally Posted by v-money View Post
I'm a bit surprised that you are making this argument considering that you label yourself as a proud alcohol drinker. Sure laws should be in place just like laws are in place with can't operate machinery, you can't get intoxicated in public, you have to be of a certain age. That's not the same as making something legal or illegal.

I enjoy getting drunk from time to time as well. In fact now that I don't smoke I do drink more often and I think it has much worse effects on me. I got hammered last light and woke up with scratches and bruises all over my body with a headache beyond belief. It's not only the day after, because at the time I was much more belligerent and distractive than I would ever be when on a drug like marijuana.

Can you imagine the scene in that video that I posted if the people were drunk instead of high. Total chaos.
..And people like you make it into "sheep" category and are the reason that make it necessary for the government to control drugs. You have to get hammered into oblivion. Why? Imagine what would happen if you had easy access to powerful hallucinogens or psycho stimulants. People are dumb - they have no semblance of control. Thus drugs need to be controlled. Not because they will kill you, but because mindless abusers who can't control their intake will cause more harm than good.

I drink alcohol every day. I ignore multiple social stigmas (such as drinking before 12am or drinking alone etc). However, I am fully in control of my drinking. A glass of fine whiskey after work to relax and get a buzz is totally different to getting hammered like a teenager.

People often make a mistake that drugs are controlled because they are dangerous, while in reality, government is protecting them from their own stupidity.

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