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Originally Posted by TMJordan View Post
I laugh at governments making it illegal for a plant that grows freely on this planet. They simply have no right to do that.
Governments + Religion have made this world nothing short of a shithole.
Agreed. They should legalize cocaine and opium since both are made from plants that grow on this planet. Also multiple hallucinogens which grow freely.

Seriously, are you dumb? What difference does it make whether a drug is grown naturally on synthesized in a lab? The bunch of dumb sheep populating this planet need to be controlled more, not less, especially teenagers who think they know everything.

This has nothing to do with government and religion. The average person is simply too dumb to be allowed access to powerful drugs without outside control. The government MUST control these substances. Not because they are necessarily life threatening, but because an average person has an IQ of a cockroach.
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