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Re: Food thread

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
IMO fruit should never be combined with vegetables in a salad. Sweetness is something that belongs in dessert, thus I abhor the thought of mango in a main meal salad, pineapple on pizza and on burger etc
yes, disappointingly conventional thinking from you, General TSD. "Fruit" and "Vegetable" are just conventions. Many would say that a tomato is really a fruit (scientifically it is), while the avocado is used like a vegetable in Mexican cuisine. Many list mushrooms as vegetables, though they aren't even plants. These classifications limit us needlessly. Open your mind.

Also, the point of green mango salad is that the mango is unripe; it's not as sweet as the one you'd buy to eat on it's own as a dessert.

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