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Resveratrol is most commonly talked about in relationship to Red Wine. Researchers first identified that despite a diet filled with carbohydrates, high fat content, and large portions, the French lived longer on avergae then those from other countries. Researchers coined this phenomenon as "The French Paradox," associating the longer life with the amount of red wine consumed by the French. After further research resveratrol was recognized as the cause of the "extended" lifespan.

While red wine is the most popular "known" source of resveratrol in our diets, it is not the primary source for resveratrol supplements. Resveratrol supplements are most commonly made from the Japanes Knotweed, also known as "Polygonum Cupsidatum." Japanese Knotweed is a very hardy weed known to grow in many areas of the world. It is difficult to kill and often over takes many landscapes. It's high resveratrol content makes it an ideal source to create high quality supplements.

If you would like to get more resveratrol from your diet try including peanuts, cranberries, and red grapes to your daily food intake.

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