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Re: Davis Cup

Originally Posted by Ravel View Post
so this means we get one of the unseeded nations in the WG Playoffs.

There's a better than 50% chance we'll have a home tie again.

In Canada
Brazil - Brazil would be tough for us. We can lose this one easily.
Chile - Chile at home would be a cakewalk. Their best player Capdeville sucks and even guys like Polansky can take him out.
Netherlands - If played in the right venue, we can take out Netherlands quite handidly. It would be like playing a team like Israel.

decided by lot
Australia - If we play in Australia, there's a good chance we lose this tie and if its played at home, its still a tough tie.
Belgium - If played away, it will be tough. If played at home, it will be easier if played in the right venue.
Japan - Either location will be tough for us because Japan likes playing fast surfaces like us. so this tie could go either way.
South Africa - If we play away, we win this easily and if play at home, we will win for sure. Their best player Anderson is turning American so...
Uzbekistan - If played away, we win the tie. If played at home, we win for sure. They're second weakest team after Chile.
My comments.
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