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Re: Maiden ATP crown - numbers (long list from Doumbia to Spadea)

I found some players that there aren't in the list, I'm not sure about that all this players began his carrer in Open Era, but no one of this played some tournament of ATP Archive in years 68-69

Mark Vines 6
Mike Bauer 8
Claudio Pistolesi 14
Colin Dowdeswell 18
Billy Martin 20
David Pate 21
Erick Iskersky 24
Jeff Austin 25
Mel Purcell 25
Jan Norback 25
John Lloyd 25
Buster C. Mottram 27
Thomas Hogstedt 28
Tim Gullikson 33
Jiri Hrebec 34
Jared Palmer 36
Jay Lapidus 36
Matt Doyle 37
Marty Davis 37
Gianni Ocleppo 39
Antonio Zugarelli 39
Brad Drewett 45
Bernard Mitton 49
Nduka Odizor 50
Nick Saviano 57
Pablo Arraya 58
Pat DuPre 60
Patrick McEnroe 74
Pavel Slozil 86
Pedro Rebolledo 91
Richard Meyer 93
Rod Frawley 122
Sammy Giammalva Jr. 169
Slobodan Zivojinovic 191

And the case of Trey Waltke, the last year the ATP add and quite some tournament and they quit Montgomery so he doens't have any ATP title
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