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Re: Tennis Tipping Davis Cup 2012 - Apr/2012 - WG I QF - Sunday: deadline 10 AM CEST

SUNDAY - Awards

- Player of the day (best individual score)
Eland (7 picks, 6 SRs)

- Best TB - singles (best individual TB)
Eland (6 SRs)

- Bibon award - singles (worst individual score)
156mphserve (5 picks)

- bad luck award - singles (best losing score)
<Eve> (6 picks, 4 SRs, SR1 shootout)

- Luck award - singles (worst winning score)
Gavnich77 (6 picks)

- award (first player to win)
Gavnich77, Tytta!., silverwhite

- award (last player to win)
Andreas, Eland

- Pick of the day (least picked winner)
Isner (Crvena Zvezda, silverwhite, Tytta!., ilovetheblues_86, <Eve>)
Van der Merwe (Andreas, Forever-Delayed, silverwhite, Tytta!., Eland)

- award (least picked loser)
Tipsarevic (Crvena Zvezda)
Goodall (<Eve>)

- derossi award
Crvena Zvezda (Tipsarevic)

- Traitor award


- Risk taker award

- Bobby award (first player to send picks after the OOP is posted)
Crvena Zvezda

- Labamba award (last player to send picks)
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