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Re: Longest winning and losing streaks of active players. Must be tour level and 10+

He's inactive, but Tomas Zib managed an 18-match losing streak from New Haven 2005 (l. to Ferrer) to Valencia 2006, where he beat Pavel in the opening round. I seem to recall I made a thread about it at the time as he was so close to Spadea's record, but I might have underestimated it by one....

But here's one player who's still very much active in doubles, as he's done rather better there than in singles: the greatest Wimbledon quarter-finalist of all time, Andre Sa, lost 16 straight matches from Lyon 2002 (l. to Grosjean 0 and 1) up to Queens 2003, where he very appropriately snapped the losing streak once he stepped back on his beloved grass, beating Elseneer.

The Wit and Wisdom of the Tennis Journalist, Indian Wells 2004

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I remember this one time when I went on a vacation on the Maldives. That was in the year 2001, I think. I went to this spa. I went to walk around with my girlfriend. I walk in, and we want to book a spa. This guy goes, "AHH, I remember you. You beat Sampras. I saw you on TV." That was like, really, how can you remember me? This guy has probably never been off his island and still knows me. I was a little bit shocked. Then I went to play tennis with him because he was actually the tennis teacher. It was nice.

Q. Were you naked at the time in the spa?

ROGER FEDERER: No. It was at the front desk. I didn't walk in naked.
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