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Re: Is world tennis more dramatic than world football?

Fit this wooden triangle through that circle shape. It's unsurprising that it doesn't fit. Equally, there is little surprise that we cannot assign the major players in world football roles based on the major players in world tennis. Humans sure love patterns and simplification but events don't tend to acquiesce so neatly.

Tennis and football are hugely different. Although the trend of domination in tennis has changed the game in reality and in media and fan perception, it is not comparable to the domination of football which is, and seems likely to continue being, far more unusual. The relationship between outplaying an opponent and winning is massively stronger in tennis than it can ever be in the inherently variable world of football. Does the person writing this article know that despite their worldwide accolades, Barcelona are probably going to fail to win their domestic league this year? In football, it is a realistic and common occurrence to proclaim a losing team, 'better', in some sense of the word. To claim this in tennis a very unusual match has to occur (or the speaker has to be somewhat deluded as is more often the case).

Whereas defeating a tennis player is impossible unless you play, at the very least, at an extremely close level to him, the same is not true of football matches. That is why the Barcelona dominance (which is of a kind unseen in my lifetime of watching football) is a far more surprising possibility. For what it's worth, before having seen such dominance on the field, I wouldn't have thought it was possible for one world class team to do that to another in such a brutal fashion. Despite this, Barcelona have come close to losing some ties (despite dominating) in the Champions League, apart from the Inter Milan tie they did lose. To cut this tediously long and ambling story short, the sports are too different, the comparison is vague, vacuous and ultimately elucidates nothing about the state of either tennis or football.

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