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Re: Is world tennis more dramatic than world football?

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
barca winning most of the time, when they can't win the ref winning for them
maybe that's what happened yesterday ... but in Spanish "liga" Barcelona was cheated several times to lose points and Real Madrid to be ahead ... maybe also because it was better for the business of "Liga" that Real won the liga or at least was tied with Barcelona

Yet in last weeks, it was Real who was cheated once ... maybe because they are too far ahead and the next "Clasico" has lost too much of its dramatic dimension for business ?

Maybe all this was combined for the business, or maybe that was hazard, but anyway hazard did things well for the business

By football you mean soccer right?If so than yes.Tennis is dramatic every second in soccer there are 6 minutes of action and 84 minutes of passing
I think by nature football/soccer and its gestures is a very beautiful sport, probably the most beautiful, if not it would not be the most popular in the world.

But it also depends much more on luck than many of other sports. Which makes me laugh when I read experts "explaining" the results.

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