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Re: "Speed up the courts" thread

Originally Posted by EddieNero View Post
We can discuss about the need of speeding up the courts as much as we desire, yet this won't induce anybody from the ATP board do change anything.
Tennis is not a discipline like it once was, nowadays we can observe only shades from the ancient gentlemen's game, spectators find no interest in quick, winners-filled matches, they rather prefer endless grindfests with blood and pain on court.
The speed up adherents appear apparently as the vast minority without any power to exact changes this sport desperately requires.
Otherwise, tennis is going to frequently lose popularity and eventually become a secondary sport for gamblers.
Not even that.

All of the top players, on any surface, have shit odds every match. It's impossible to make a profit on them. Only decent money I've made on tennis this year was Nadull over Fed at 13/8 AO semi finals and Nadull at 4-6 3-4 down also at 13/8 in-play against Nalbandian.

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