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BigJohn's portion of the press conference USA at France

April 3, 2012

Q. John, with Mardy not here, does that change your mindset, your mentality, your approach now to Friday?

JOHN ISNER: No, I don't think so. I went into this tie thinking I was going to be No. 2, the No. 2 player, but obviously now I'm the No. 1.
It doesn't change anything. I got to go out there on Friday and try to win a match for us no matter who I'm playing.
For me, it's still the same.

Q. This is a question for John. John, how do you feel with the clay? (Indiscernible.)

JOHN ISNER: I love that guy. You should have been a lawyer. (Laughter.) The answer is no. I'll tell that you right now.
No, the clay court is a very nice clay court. It's one of the best clay courts in the world, in my opinion. I haven't practiced on it too much.
But a court is a court. For me, I'm going to go and try to play my game. Like I said, it's a very, very nice clay court, so I don't anticipate bad bounces or anything like that.
So as far as the speed or anything like that, I haven't even thought about it. I don't know if it's fast or slow or not.
But, I don't know. It's fine. I'm going to go out there and (indiscernible.)

Q. John, you never came to Monte‑Carlo before, so it's your first time in the country club that's also the place of the Monte‑Carlo tournament. So I heard you were going to stay over or not?

JOHN ISNER: It's still‑‑ as of right now, I'm planning on playing Houston, back home in the U.S. so I'm going to fly back to the States. I'm going to have to make a decision whether or not I'm going to play the tournament in two weeks' time.
It's either come over here and play the tournament, then after that go back home, or stay home and practice for, what is it, Madrid and Rome or whatnot.
So I got to a couple decisions to make.

For full transcript:
FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports
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