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Re: Is Murray starting to become Djokovic's Nemesis? How should Djoker deal with Murr

Originally Posted by zcess81 View Post

Djokovic benefits from slow surfaces (although not as much as Nadal), but saying that Federer benefits more from slow surfaces than Nadal is just...

Slow surfaces are CRUCIAL for Nadal, and not just for return of serve. The main reason why he DEPENDS on slow surfaces is that it gives him TIME (get in position, defend, grind, tire opponents, play behind baseline). Take the time away from Nadal and you take away his game.
i am speaking in relative terms among the three players in discussion......on slow surfaces, federer has time to run around, pick a side and dictate with his strength(forehand) a cunning witch, he enjoys slow courts, wins 6 out of last 8 titles on fucking slow courts and talks as if he is being affected by slow courts......

slow surfaces aid nadal's return of serve but when it comes to defending, it actually does not make any difference......nadal is a rabbit everywhere and he defends well on every surface......

fast courts actually push him to pass frequently off the backhand and he is at his best doing that......instead if you give him time on the backhand, he will most likely dump it right in the middle of the court.....

on faster surfaces, federer would have zero prayer against nadal......unless federer serves at 90%, he is not going to beat nadal......i was never surprised that federer never once in his career beat nadal on a fast court......they played 4 to 5 matches on fast courts, nadal took them all.....
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