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Re: Is Murray starting to become Djokovic's Nemesis? How should Djoker deal with Murr

Originally Posted by zcess81 View Post
If that's the case than Nadal would have won Miami/WTF multiple times as he is the main player contributing from slow surfaces. With fast hard court/grass surfaces, Rafa can say bye bye to pretty much any grand slam other than French Open.
rafa does not benefit from slowness as much as federer or djokovic......slow surfaces are an antidote to his top spin.....his forehands sit up and don't penetrate on slow courts.....on fast courts, they really take off and take the opponent out of position quickly.....

the only advantage he has on slow courts is his return of serve.....he gets slightly more time to he returns with the wrong hand, his reflexes won't be as fast.....
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