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Re: My eating habits.

Originally Posted by Filo V. View Post
Today is my egg salad day, meaning a cheat day. I usually have one or two cheat days per week to eat egg salad, spaghetti, chicken, something of the sort.

Then I make up for it by cutting back for several days consecutively. So tomorrow, I'll have an apple for breakfast, salad for lunch, and probably a green and more salad for dinner, or maybe fish and a green. And that will be virtually no sodium, little cholesterol, and 500 calories or less. Do that for several days, and everything is fine. No exercise yet lose weight; it's perfect!!!
That does sound like how many people start and then get gripped with a disorder.

To be healthy you need to be your correct weight through eating and exercising. If you're slim solely through eating salad and cutting back on calories then you will bloat up as soon as you eat normally.

I would get some professional advice quickly.

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